Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer Body Splashes

 Today I’m going to be talking about my top 3 summer body splashes. I love these in summer because they’re a bit lighter than a perfume and you can just throw them in your bag and top yourself up all day.

In no particular order…

The first one I’m going to talk to you about is my Natural Collection Wild Strawberry body splash. I’ve mentioned this in an Outfit of the Day before and I still absolutely love it. It only costs around £2 and the smell is quite strong, for the money anyway. It doesn’t last that long but for two quid who can complain? It’s bright pink and the packaging is simple but effective. A wonderful summer scent!

My next product is Hollister’s Laguna Beach body mist. This smells of summer and parties on the beach! The smell is very intense which is really good and it last quite a while considering it’s not a proper perfume. This body mist would be perfect if it wasn’t so expensive, they’re currently £12 each but you can sometimes get them on a two for £20 deal. Having said they’re too expensive though, you do get a 250ml bottle and you don’t need to use much of it to get a nice smell, I have had mine for just under a year and it’s still not half empty!
Finally, I want to tell you about Soap and Glory’s Mist You Madly body splash. This is AMAZING. The smell is the signature soap and glory scent and although it’s perfect for summer, you can use it all year round too, it’s practically an investment! I think they’re around £5 for a 100ml bottle but again, you don’t need to use much of it to get the full effect! The packaging is very slick and it will look lovely on any dressing table.

Thankyou for reading and please let us know about your favourite summer scents!

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