Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Summer Holiday Haul

Over the past few weeks I have been buying a few bits and bobs for my trip to Spain in a few weeks time, today, I thought I would show you what I have purchased…

New Look £9.99 (Now £5)

These shorts are from New Look and are bright blue hotpants! I don’t normally ‘do’ short shorts but I thought these would be great for on the beach with a coloured vest top.

New Look £6
Again, these white shorts are from New Look and are for the beach on holiday. Before last year I had never had a pair of white shorts but I picked up a pair really cheaply and wore them nearly all summer (until the zip broke)! So, this year, I was going to get a more decent/expensive pair but I saw these in the sale and thought, why not?!
New Look £16.99
hese high wasted shorts are from New Look (surprise surprise) and I only bought them last week but I have worn them three times already! They are a perfect length, not too long, not too short and I am going to wear them with tights in the winter as well as with bare legs in the summer. At first, I wasn’t crazy about the black buttons but they are growing on me.

H&M £3
I bought this pack of 2 vest tops from H&M because I thought they were an absolute bargain! Only £3 for 3 vest tops, and not just plain, one is stripy! The only problem with these is that they are quite long but for £3 who can complain?

H&M £3.99
This is an oatmeal coloured vest top, again from H&M. It was a bit more expensive (£3.99) but you can tell its good quality. I thought it was a bit more interesting to wear than your typical black/white vest tops. I also like this top because it has slightly thicker straps so your shoulders are slightly more protected from sunburn.

New Look (Brave Soul) £5
This pink and white top is from New Look but it is by the brand Brave Soul. I think you can only get this brand in certain shops and online. It was meant to be £7.99 but it was £5 in the sale so I snapped it up! It looks like you have a plain pink vest top underneath a stripy one and I thought I could wear this with jeans in this country and it was a bit nicer than just wearing a plain vest.

Primark £2
Finally, this headband is from Primark and an absolute bargain at £2. In case you can’t tell from the picture, it is a creamy yellow colour and has owls on it. I had a headband similar to this last year and I wore it everyday on holiday so I thought I would ‘invest’ in another one. I can wear it at home too as I like to wear these to pull back my hair when I am washing my face and putting my makeup on.

So that’s my little holiday shopping spree, I hoped you enjoyed reading and please let us know in the comments if you have picked up any summer bargains! xo


  1. I have them blue high wasted shorts from new look, theyre really comfy and I love them to! :) I like those red shorts, £5 :O bargain! x

    1. Sorry about the late reply! How cool we have the same shorts :D

      Thanks for reading xo