Monday, 30 July 2012

3 reasons I love Converse

1. They go with anything.
And by anything, I do mean ANYTHING. I wear mine with my jeans and a t-shirt for walking the dog and running errands. I wear them with shorts and tights for shopping and generally going out with my friends. I wear them with my cycling shorts for the rare occasions that I exercise. I wear them with summer dresses to make them a bit more casual and relaxed. Anyway, you get the idea; you can wear them with anything.

2. They are hard wearing.
My converse are quite new but I know people who have had the same pair for over two years and have only bought some more because they have outgrown their old pair. What if you get them dirty? No problem, just throw them in the wash and they’ll come out good as new.

3. They come in every single colour
Well, maybe not EVERY colour but you certainly have a lot of choice. They do black pairs for the winter, pink pairs for the summer, union jack pairs for when you’re feeling patriotic and yellow pairs for when you’re feeling a bit wild. There is a colour/print of converse for everyone; you just have to find what’s right for you.

Let us know what your favourite style of converse are, or any other type of shoes! xo

Sunday, 29 July 2012


A few months ago I purchased a tub of sudocrem in the hope it was clear up my spot invested face. I had heard a lot about it from various blogs and magazines (apparently Cheryl Cole uses it?!) and decided to give it a whirl.

3 months later it is now one of my favourite skin care products! It clears up spots so much quicker than your average ‘spot relief’ cream and you can use it for lots of other things including; minor burns, eczema and sun burn. So far I have used it on my own eczema and a straighter burn on my leg (don’t ask) and I can safely say both things have started to clear up faster since I have been using it.

The tubs themselves are not too expensive and you do get a lot for your money. You also don’t need to use a lot to get good results; I have barely scraped the surface of my pot in the last three months.

The consistency of the product is a little strange. It reminds me of clotted cream because it’s quite thick but smooth at the same time. Because of this, application can be a little hard because you have to really rub it in to your skin but once you get used to it it’s fine.

I have heard some rumours across the blogging world that sudocrem dries your skin out. For me personally, this is not the case. I don’t know weather it’s because I have quite dry skin anyway but I really can’t tell any difference.

So that was a collection of my thoughts on sudocrem, in short, I love it J

Please leave us a comment if you have tried sudocrem or have any recommendations of a similar product! xo

Monday, 23 July 2012

Skin coloured tights, the three golden rules.

**We know everything’s been a bit quite on the old blog lately, but we’ve finished school for the summer now so we have lots of time to write our ‘amazing’ blog posts!**
Today’s post is going to be about tights. More specifically, see through tights. You see, I hate having bare legs so this sort of tights are a blessing to me. I wear them with everything and anything; shorts, dresses, skirts etc etc. As you can probably guess I get through a fair few pairs of these things as they don’t last very long at all (last night I got through two pairs) so I thought I’d share my top three ‘tips’ on buying good skin coloured tights…

Make sure you get the right size. The whole point of these tights is to make you look like you’re not wearing any tights, if yours are too big they’ll all gather round your ankles and everyone will be able to tell you’re wearing them, nightmare. If they’re too small you will be pulling them up all night, another tell tale sign of wearing tights!

Choose the right type. There are all sorts of finishes on these tights (kind of like lipstick) there is matte, glossy, tanned, shimmery, extra thick and many more. Check the packet before you buy, there is nothing worse than turning up to school or the office in a pair of shimmery tights!

Get the right denier. The higher the denier, the thicker the tights (obviously!). As a general rule, I get a lower denier in the summer, usually about 50 and in the winter (if I am wearing these type of tights at all, I usually wear black in the winter) I get 120.

That’s about it really, different brands work for different people so it’s best just to try them all and see what you like best J

Thank you for reading xo

Monday, 16 July 2012

Getting ready for summer pt. 2

Here is a few more little tips and tricks you can try to get yourself ready for summer!

Clean your makeup brushes. I think the summer is a perfect time to have a good clean of all your brushes, and why not? Regularly cleaning your brushes means that they hold less bacteria which is better for your skin (stops you getting spots) and who wants a spotty summer?

Buy a new nail vanish. Reds and dark purples are great for winter but in summer I like to have something a bit lighter. Try a mint green or a pastel pink for a summery nail look! What I do is try the colour first from a cheaper brand (e.g. The Natural Collection) and if I like it and it suits me buy a more expensive one as a little summer treat!

Get some flesh- look tights. If you’re like me and hate having bare legs, even in the summer, these are a great alternative. They give the illusion that you’re wearing no tights whilst still covering up insecurities. They’re also great for covering up fake tan disasters…

Find your flip flops. Dig out last summer’s flip flops and give them a good clean. There’s no need to buy any more if they’re not falling apart so why spend the money? I know they’re only cheap but still, every little saving helps. I have had one pair that are now entering their fourth summer and are still going strong!

Get your hair cut. Especially if you’re going on holiday and you will be swimming a lot, there’s nothing worse than having to constantly wash really long hair. A new look can also be refreshing and you won’t look back on your holiday photos and think “What on Earth was happening to my hair!”

That’s all for today folks, see you soon xo

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Traveling on a budget

Everyone loves shopping. Ok, most people love shopping. But sometimes your local town centre doesn’t meet your needs in terms of quantity and/or quality of shops. This means us shopaholics have to travel to bigger, better cities in order to have a good shopping trip. Living in England means that our 3 main choices are; Manchester, Birmingham or London. I’m not ready to face London on my own yet, so I usually go to Manchester or Birmingham. Last time I went the train ticket was £11 for a child all day return. You might say that’s good but that’s £11 less for shopping! So here are some tips on getting cheaper train tickets:
Book online. By booking online in advance you can save up to 50% and it saves you a lot of hassel once you get to the station.

Go with one company. For example, if you only go with Virgin trains it’s a lot cheaper. There are less trains per hour but as long as you know when they are you can easily plan your day around them.

Check what your eligible for. I didn’t know I was still eligible for child tickets so if I hadn’t checked I would have had to have paid at least £5 extra. You may be eligible for a student rail card or if you’re travelling for work, you may be entitled to some money of your ticket.

So that’s just a few things that can save you a bit of money whilst train travelling. If you have any more tips, please leave us a comment!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Days Out On A Budget

Now I know this isn’t about fashion, but seriously, the cost of a day out now a days is shocking. So with summer coming up and your parents asking you for “ideas of where you want to go with them” (apparently “nowhere leave me alone” isn’t a valid answer), you need ways to persuade them to take you where you wanna go. So I thought I’d tell you about my school trip.

We went to the Zoo. Yes we’re 15, but whatever. It was £17 for entry and the coach there and back…not bad.

The cost of food etc though was extortionate. There was no way I was buying anything there. So I took sandwiches, fruit, crisps, sweets and three drinks to last me the day. My friends all took a small lunch, drink and some sweets with them, but either they hadn’t packed enough or they were just really hungry that day, so they bought more. An ice cream was almost £3.00. Now you might not think that was that bad, but according to someone else on my trip, Thornton’s ice cream is cheaper than that. On top of that a tub of popcorn cost £2.50, and being quite honest, it wasn’t a particularly big tub.

 So tip –pick a place you wanna go and make yourself lunch. Take plenty of drinks and sweets and that way, your parents can’t really complain about paying extra to go to a beach or theme park, as they don’t have to pay for the food J

The most shocking thing of all, was that it cost £5 to have your face painted, and none of the faces actually looked like the animal they were supposed to be. And yes, three people on my trip had their faces painted. And my mum says I throw money away…

Monday, 9 July 2012

Getting ready for summer pt. 1

Hello everyone! We’re both really sorry for the lack of blogs lately but with it being the end of term we’re both so busy with school however, stay with us guys, there’s only 2 weeks left! With summer fast approaching I thought I would share with you what I do (beauty wise) during the summer:

Get my eyebrows threaded. I normally just pluck my own but when it’s summer I like them nice. Aso if I pluck my eyebrows while I have a tan I get pale spots where I have plucked- not a good luck!

Don’t wear foundation. I physically can’t stand it when my foundation is sweating off my face (sorry for too much information!) so in the summer I stick to a lighter tinted moisturiser. If I have been on holiday and got a tan I always buy it a shade darker, there’s nothing worse than a tanned body and a pale face!

Get eyelash extensions. I haven’t tried this before but I’m thinking of doing it this summer so I don’t have to wear mascara as it’s a bit of a pain, especially if I’m swimming.

Wear sun cream. I know this seems obvious but it really is important to protect your skin. Luckily, I still get a tan even though I’m wearing sun cream (it just takes longer) but if you don’t just apply a fake tan or gradual tanner.

That’s all for today girls, part 2 will be up tomorrow xo

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Review: Simple ‘Spotless skin Rapid action Spot Zapper’

Today I’m going to be reviewing Simple’s Spotless skin Rapid action Spot Zapper. Before I start, I have to say that I love anything that Simple make because I have really sensitive skin and this brand is about the only one that doesn’t make my face go all blotchy. So, what I’m saying is that there may be a better product from another brand that does the same thing; this is just the best spot-zapper for me J

I bought this product around a year a ago and I have since re-purchased it THREE TIMES! It does exactly what it says on the tin, reduces the look of spots within four ours. When I first read the 4 hours thing on the packaging I thought it was just the usual waffle but no, it’s actually true. If I put it on a spot before I go to bed it always looks better in the morning.

Notice I say it looks better. You see, I’m don’t think this product actually get’s rid of your spots, it just makes them less angry. Let’s be honest, there isn’t a product that’s going to get rid of a spot in 4 hours and this one doesn’t claim to either. It’s prefect for what I use it for, an extra to my normal spot combating routine. I put my cleanser and moisturiser on first, then apply this over the top.

As far as application goes, this product is brill. It’s roll on (like deodorant) so it doesn’t get all over your hands and you can get it to go exactly where you want.

You can buy it for £5.49  at boots. This is a little bit much for a 15ml bottle but it is really good so I do splash out. I always look out for it on the 3 for 2 deal so I can get it on a better deal.

Overall, I would give this product 4 stars because it does what it says on the tin and makes spots look less read really quickly, although you do pay for what you get.

Thanks for reading and please let us know what you use to combat spots!  

Monday, 2 July 2012


Leggings can be a blessing or a curse. For some people they look great, a change from jeans but not as dressy as a skirt. However, for some people (for example, me) leggings make you look like a giant whale with two pieces of material stretched over your legs. So what can we whale like people do to wear leggings and still look socially acceptable?

-Wear a longer top. Wearing a top that covers your bum is a simple way to hide insecurities while still enjoying the comfort of leggings.

-Wear patterned leggings. I was a bit sceptical about this when I first saw them in the shop but now I love them! Peace signs, floral, even stripey, I love them all and they all disguise what you don't want people to see.

-Wear jeggings. These are brilliant because they often have normal pockets (like jeans would) and they make you feel less self conscious, I suppose it's just another layer of material that hides you legs/bum!

-Trying ‘riding pant’ style leggings. These are basically really thick leggings and often have panelling in the sides which makes your legs look slimmer- genius! On the rare occasion I do wear leggings, I tend to wear these, mine are from Topshop and I think you can still get them.  

-Don't wear leggings. Let's face it guys, leggings aren't the be all and end all of fashion, if you choose not to wear them, like I do, you're not missing out on anything and hey, jeans are always 'in'!

Let us know your favourite- jeans or leggings?

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


So I thought I’d wind Sarah up and tell you all that she's going to Croatia on a Watersports holiday.

She has competed and won a place to go to Croatia on a watersports camp. Yes, she knew what she was getting herself into and still tried. The worst part is she has to raise £850 through fundraising to pay for the trip. After the £2 donation I’m giving her, that takes it down to £848.

I have no idea how she's going to do this, but I thought it's relevant, seeing as it's technically a holiday on a budget. Even if it is involving zero sun and ALOT of water.  **Sarah’s Edit: Croatia is sunny, it’s in Italy, hence why I’m going**

I, of course will be very supportive. Sitting at home, watching tv and going out with my friends. Apart from having a relaxing bath every night in a bathroom I don't share with complete strangers, and the rain that is most likely to occur, I will not be coming into contact with any water at all! :)

Let us known if you're going on holiday this year and where you are going!