Monday, 2 July 2012


Leggings can be a blessing or a curse. For some people they look great, a change from jeans but not as dressy as a skirt. However, for some people (for example, me) leggings make you look like a giant whale with two pieces of material stretched over your legs. So what can we whale like people do to wear leggings and still look socially acceptable?

-Wear a longer top. Wearing a top that covers your bum is a simple way to hide insecurities while still enjoying the comfort of leggings.

-Wear patterned leggings. I was a bit sceptical about this when I first saw them in the shop but now I love them! Peace signs, floral, even stripey, I love them all and they all disguise what you don't want people to see.

-Wear jeggings. These are brilliant because they often have normal pockets (like jeans would) and they make you feel less self conscious, I suppose it's just another layer of material that hides you legs/bum!

-Trying ‘riding pant’ style leggings. These are basically really thick leggings and often have panelling in the sides which makes your legs look slimmer- genius! On the rare occasion I do wear leggings, I tend to wear these, mine are from Topshop and I think you can still get them.  

-Don't wear leggings. Let's face it guys, leggings aren't the be all and end all of fashion, if you choose not to wear them, like I do, you're not missing out on anything and hey, jeans are always 'in'!

Let us know your favourite- jeans or leggings?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love leggings but I think they should always cover your bum, regardless of how confident you are about your figure! X

    1. I think I would only wear them without a top covering my bum when I'm around the house, where no one could see me! xx