Sunday, 1 July 2012


So I thought I’d wind Sarah up and tell you all that she's going to Croatia on a Watersports holiday.

She has competed and won a place to go to Croatia on a watersports camp. Yes, she knew what she was getting herself into and still tried. The worst part is she has to raise £850 through fundraising to pay for the trip. After the £2 donation I’m giving her, that takes it down to £848.

I have no idea how she's going to do this, but I thought it's relevant, seeing as it's technically a holiday on a budget. Even if it is involving zero sun and ALOT of water.  **Sarah’s Edit: Croatia is sunny, it’s in Italy, hence why I’m going**

I, of course will be very supportive. Sitting at home, watching tv and going out with my friends. Apart from having a relaxing bath every night in a bathroom I don't share with complete strangers, and the rain that is most likely to occur, I will not be coming into contact with any water at all! :)

Let us known if you're going on holiday this year and where you are going!

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