Monday, 23 July 2012

Skin coloured tights, the three golden rules.

**We know everything’s been a bit quite on the old blog lately, but we’ve finished school for the summer now so we have lots of time to write our ‘amazing’ blog posts!**
Today’s post is going to be about tights. More specifically, see through tights. You see, I hate having bare legs so this sort of tights are a blessing to me. I wear them with everything and anything; shorts, dresses, skirts etc etc. As you can probably guess I get through a fair few pairs of these things as they don’t last very long at all (last night I got through two pairs) so I thought I’d share my top three ‘tips’ on buying good skin coloured tights…

Make sure you get the right size. The whole point of these tights is to make you look like you’re not wearing any tights, if yours are too big they’ll all gather round your ankles and everyone will be able to tell you’re wearing them, nightmare. If they’re too small you will be pulling them up all night, another tell tale sign of wearing tights!

Choose the right type. There are all sorts of finishes on these tights (kind of like lipstick) there is matte, glossy, tanned, shimmery, extra thick and many more. Check the packet before you buy, there is nothing worse than turning up to school or the office in a pair of shimmery tights!

Get the right denier. The higher the denier, the thicker the tights (obviously!). As a general rule, I get a lower denier in the summer, usually about 50 and in the winter (if I am wearing these type of tights at all, I usually wear black in the winter) I get 120.

That’s about it really, different brands work for different people so it’s best just to try them all and see what you like best J

Thank you for reading xo

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