Saturday, 14 July 2012

Days Out On A Budget

Now I know this isn’t about fashion, but seriously, the cost of a day out now a days is shocking. So with summer coming up and your parents asking you for “ideas of where you want to go with them” (apparently “nowhere leave me alone” isn’t a valid answer), you need ways to persuade them to take you where you wanna go. So I thought I’d tell you about my school trip.

We went to the Zoo. Yes we’re 15, but whatever. It was £17 for entry and the coach there and back…not bad.

The cost of food etc though was extortionate. There was no way I was buying anything there. So I took sandwiches, fruit, crisps, sweets and three drinks to last me the day. My friends all took a small lunch, drink and some sweets with them, but either they hadn’t packed enough or they were just really hungry that day, so they bought more. An ice cream was almost £3.00. Now you might not think that was that bad, but according to someone else on my trip, Thornton’s ice cream is cheaper than that. On top of that a tub of popcorn cost £2.50, and being quite honest, it wasn’t a particularly big tub.

 So tip –pick a place you wanna go and make yourself lunch. Take plenty of drinks and sweets and that way, your parents can’t really complain about paying extra to go to a beach or theme park, as they don’t have to pay for the food J

The most shocking thing of all, was that it cost £5 to have your face painted, and none of the faces actually looked like the animal they were supposed to be. And yes, three people on my trip had their faces painted. And my mum says I throw money away…

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