Sunday, 15 July 2012

Traveling on a budget

Everyone loves shopping. Ok, most people love shopping. But sometimes your local town centre doesn’t meet your needs in terms of quantity and/or quality of shops. This means us shopaholics have to travel to bigger, better cities in order to have a good shopping trip. Living in England means that our 3 main choices are; Manchester, Birmingham or London. I’m not ready to face London on my own yet, so I usually go to Manchester or Birmingham. Last time I went the train ticket was £11 for a child all day return. You might say that’s good but that’s £11 less for shopping! So here are some tips on getting cheaper train tickets:
Book online. By booking online in advance you can save up to 50% and it saves you a lot of hassel once you get to the station.

Go with one company. For example, if you only go with Virgin trains it’s a lot cheaper. There are less trains per hour but as long as you know when they are you can easily plan your day around them.

Check what your eligible for. I didn’t know I was still eligible for child tickets so if I hadn’t checked I would have had to have paid at least £5 extra. You may be eligible for a student rail card or if you’re travelling for work, you may be entitled to some money of your ticket.

So that’s just a few things that can save you a bit of money whilst train travelling. If you have any more tips, please leave us a comment!

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