Monday, 16 July 2012

Getting ready for summer pt. 2

Here is a few more little tips and tricks you can try to get yourself ready for summer!

Clean your makeup brushes. I think the summer is a perfect time to have a good clean of all your brushes, and why not? Regularly cleaning your brushes means that they hold less bacteria which is better for your skin (stops you getting spots) and who wants a spotty summer?

Buy a new nail vanish. Reds and dark purples are great for winter but in summer I like to have something a bit lighter. Try a mint green or a pastel pink for a summery nail look! What I do is try the colour first from a cheaper brand (e.g. The Natural Collection) and if I like it and it suits me buy a more expensive one as a little summer treat!

Get some flesh- look tights. If you’re like me and hate having bare legs, even in the summer, these are a great alternative. They give the illusion that you’re wearing no tights whilst still covering up insecurities. They’re also great for covering up fake tan disasters…

Find your flip flops. Dig out last summer’s flip flops and give them a good clean. There’s no need to buy any more if they’re not falling apart so why spend the money? I know they’re only cheap but still, every little saving helps. I have had one pair that are now entering their fourth summer and are still going strong!

Get your hair cut. Especially if you’re going on holiday and you will be swimming a lot, there’s nothing worse than having to constantly wash really long hair. A new look can also be refreshing and you won’t look back on your holiday photos and think “What on Earth was happening to my hair!”

That’s all for today folks, see you soon xo

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