Saturday, 30 June 2012

Clear Nail Polish

Yesterday we were discussing how it’s so unfair our school’s don’t let us wear nail vanish. They always talk about how we should be ‘individual’ and ‘not follow the crowd’ but then they strip us of our individuality, it doesn’t make sense!

School uniforms are bad enough, with even a flower in your hair breaking the rules, but nails as well? Surely we should be allowed one bit of us to express our personalities? The other thing about nail vanish is that it hides horrible nails and makes you look a lot neater.

We think we have found a way to get the neat-nails effect without coloured nail vanish or false nails, clear nail polish! Its brilliant because they can’t tell you off for wearing it at school because it’s clear and you may just have extra shiny nails… Clear nail vanish and a good filing is all you need to achieve a perfect school (or work) appropriate look.

A few of our favourite clear nail polishes are:

Models Own Pro Nail Strengthener- This looks pink in the bottle but we can assure you it comes out clear. The brilliant thing about this is that it strengthens your nails as well, so it’s great if your nails have been weakened by fake nails (like mine were!).  It’s £8 (boots )which is a little pricey but the results are fantastic.

Natural Collection nail colour- This is super cheap at £1.89 (boots) and it’s great for the money. You need a few coats to get a glossy effect but it looks really good once it’s on, like your nails, but better!

Rimmel Nail Care Nail Rescue- This is another nail strengthening polish but it’s slightly cheaper than the Models Own one at £3.59 (superdrug). Having tried both, I would say that the models own one is slightly better but at under half the price this one is amazing, especially if your nails aren’t really that bad.

So that was a quick summery of our favourite clear nail polishes, hop you enjoyed reading and please leave is a comment telling us about your favourite nail polish!

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