Sunday, 17 June 2012

Too good to be true?

A few months a go I ‘invested’ in a Natural Collection body spray from boots. At first I was a little sceptical, £2 for a 150ml body spray just seemed too good to be true. I thought it was going to be very watery with a weak smell.

How wrong was I? This body spray is brilliant! I have Wild Strawberry at the moment but I will defiantly be trying the other flavours. The smell is very intense, I even use it to freshen up my bedroom when my brothers been in it!  

The packaging is simple but there’s nothing wrong with it and the actual spray itself is hot pink, perfect! It doesn’t look out of place on my dressing table and it’s competing with the likes of Hollister and Soap and Glory.

Speaking of Hollister, I would defiantly prefer to save myself at least £10 and buy this body spray than fork out for the likes of Hollister. To be honest, there is hardly any difference in quality and even though the Hollister one is bigger, it’s defiantly not worth the extra money.

Another good thing about this product is all the different flavours, as well as the one I have there is; Vanilla, Sea Minerals, Apple and Lime and many more. I might have to buy them all to complete my collection…

Overall I would give this product 9/10 because it smells wonderful, it looks lovely on any dressing table and it’s most defiantly brilliant on a budget!

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