Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lovely Lip Balms

Hurraw lip balms have fast become my favourite lip product ever. I had the grapefruit one for my birthday and I have fallen in love. I was browsing the website looking for more flavours (yes I love them that much) and found out they were about £2.50, PLUS SHIPPING. Although they are lovely I’m not paying that for a lip balm that’s no bigger than my little finger.

So that got me thinking, what lip balms do I like that don’t cost as much. I love the Nivea one (you know the blue one that everyone’s got) it’s really moisturising when I have chapped lips but it doesn’t have a very nice smell. The smell’s not bad but it’s not the sort of thing you would hand to your friend and say “Here, smell this”.

Another brilliant lip balm is actually Vaseline. My favourite is the pink one (I’m not too sure of the exact flavour) and they’re quite cheap considering those little round tins last for ages. The only problem with Vaseline is that it melts easily. It’s ok if you’re at home; you can just stick it in the fridge for a bit. But, if you’re on holiday like I was when mine melted, you might not have that option.

My other all time favourite lip balm in the ‘I love…’ one in the flavour Mango and Papaya. My pot has lasted for ages, I got it from Ethel Austin and that closed down ages ago. I think they now sell them in TK-Max but I’m sure if you did a bit of web surfing you could easily find them online. This lip balm, as I said, lasts for ages, I’m still not half way through the pot and it was super cheap! It smells lovely and is quite moisturizing.

So they’re my favourite cheap lip balms, I’m still gutted about the Hurraw ones being so expensive but I have realised there is lots of cheap alternatives!

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