Tuesday, 19 June 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

We’ve just read Sprinkle of Glitter’s '7 Things for 7 Days' posts and we love them! When she invited everyone to join in we were so exited. So, this is 7 things we (Sarah and Aimee) would like to achieve this week.

Be nice. We were talking about this the other day and we have decided that the odd smile here and the odd “Hello, how are you?” there can make you into a much nicer person.

Read more. We both have hundreds (ish) of books that have never been read and we don’t want to miss out on literacy goodness now do we? Also, reading is a good way to relax which leads us nicely on to…

Relax. We have very nearly finished our exams for this year and we can feel  the stress on ourselves so this week we are both going to try and relax more. I’m (sarah) going to have lot’s of hot baths and watch glee and Aimee is going to watch rom-coms and have an early night.

Eat healthier. We both eat like pigs and sooner or later we’re going to be obese. So, we have decided to focus on getting our five a day and cut the chocolate *cry*.

Be the reason someone smiles. This kind of links in with the ‘Be Nice’ thing but hey ho. By this we mean giving people the smallest compliments such as “Your hair looks really nice today” that can really brighten up their day.

Try our best in everything we do. We know this sounds a bit cheesy but we think it’s really important. We want to work harder in the last few weeks of this term, the final sprint as it were. It’s not just school we want to try our best at blogging and getting on with out families too.

Be better bloggers. We are trying our absouloute hardest to put out good quality blogs everyday and we want to continue that! If you have any suggestions on blogs you would like to see please leave us a comment!

And that finishes our ‘7 Things we’d like to achieve’. We hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have done this leave us the link and we would love to read yours!


  1. Loved reading this. Everything sounds like so much fun. Mine is boring in comparison. I'm following you now.

    Here's my 7 things http://emmashouseofbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/7-things-for-7-days.html

    1. We've had so much fun doing them too! Will be sure to look at yours now.

      Thankyou for following