Saturday, 16 June 2012

Are designer shoes old news?

If your towns anything like ours it will have gone trainer shoe crazy! Vans, Converse, Doc Martins, Hunters, but are they really worth the hype?

I recently purchased a pair of black vans from the Vans shop. I have been wanting a pair of Vans for ages and it was definitely worth the wait! They’re so comfy and I can wear them with pretty much anything. I would have preferred a brighter colour, such as red, but the black ones really do go with most outfits and can be worn in all weathers. They don’t look similar to “those £2 ones from Primark” as my dad puts it, and they’re way more comfy. They were definitely worth the £45.

Aimee's vans


I love converse. There is no two ways about it; they are my all time favourite shoes. I had a new pair for my birthday and I haven’t taken them off since. They are so comfy, go with everything and look nice. When I saw the ones I wanted were £40 I was unsure but I can safely say they are worth the money. I also want some Vans (I’m rather jealous of Aimee’s) maybe some pink ones… As for Doc Martins I can never decide whether I like them or not. I think I like the white ones and the cherry red ones but I’m not sure about the other colours. On a side note, I also LOVE Hunter wellys but I have told myself they’re just normal wellys with a label on and have persuaded myself against buying some (sadly).

Sarah's converse


So, to conclude, we have decided we love Vans and Converse because they’re practical, go with everything, comfy and are worth the little bit extra. As for the other shoe crazes we’re not too sure…

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