Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jeans jeans jeans

 There’s nothing quite like a good pair of jeans. We both recently bought new pairs of the wonderful items…

I bought a pair of black jeans at the weekend from New Look. I thought they were £10… which is why I bought them. They were £15. My other jeans were too big but these are perfect. However, stuff sticks to them like dog hair and fluff (cough sarahs dog cough).

My new jeans were actually a birthday present but my mother doesn’t understand the labels in Topshop so she gave me the money to buy them. They are bright blue ankle grazers, as I said before they are from Topshop, and they are the Leigh style. They were £40 which is not really a budget price but they were a birthday present so please let me off… I am really pleased with them and I love the turn ups at the bottoms because old people, who don’t know what ankle grazers are, just think you’ve turned your jeans up.

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