Friday, 22 June 2012

Kill me now...

This weekend I am going on a watersports camp and I thought I’d give you a run down on what I’m taking, as I have improvised on some things because I’m not spending £££ on special waterproof clothes I’ll only wear once.  
2 pairs of tracksuit bottoms
You are meant to bring waterproof trousers but decent ones are so expensive so I just have some sports tracksuit bottoms. They’re really light so if they do get wet they will dry quickly anyway.
1 pair of thick tracksuit bottoms
apparently you are meant to sleep in thermals, no thank you. So I just have a pair of fleecy tracksuit bottoms.
2 fleeces

These are thin but warm over-your-head fleeces. I wasn’t going to bother with these because I thought they were going to be a fortune but there was a sale in a local camping shop (Not Trespass or anywhere like that) and they were 2 for £10. I got a turquoise one and a purple one and they’re really snug. I am defiantly going to be wearing them around the house.
A hoodie
Because we all need a good hoodie.

Mini Shampoo

I got this free in a magazine and I have kept it for an occasion such as this. In fact, I have a whole stack of different products in miniature form that I have got free or acquired from hotels.
I’m sorry, but I’m not spending £10 on a pair of walking socks. So, what I’m going to do is wear 3 or 4 pairs at the same time and take some blister plasters with me.
Primark Pumps (£2)
The kit list says we need 3+ pairs of waterproof shoes. No. I am taking 4 pairs of Primark pumps, I am going to wear them and if they get ruined just throw them away.
A bedding roll
I haven’t actually made this yet but from what I can gather, you just roll your mat, sleeping bag and pillow together and tie some string around it, sounds easier than it probably is.

 I hope you enjoyed this random post, sorry it wasn’t very long but I must dash as I haven’t actually put everything in my bag yet, whoops!

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